Make things which look or feel wonderful


Click on the images for ideas to design and make things which engage all your senses. 

Shiny TV

Turn your TV shiny by playing this luxurious video through ArtlinkTV Youtube channel on your smart TV, phone or laptop.

Kevin’s Shiny Room Scape

Turn your room into a space age sensory feast and grab a hairdryer

Colin’s Collection – sensory object design

Making ideas around particular sensory interests, a free dowload

Slow spin bike light show

Turn your washing machine into a light show with a bicycle light


Air Time with Lauren


A hairdryer and fluffy cushion becomes a visual and tactile sensation

Disco Jars

Create sensory jars to shake, project light through or look through with a torch

Jim’s Home Play Ideas


Artists from Artlink have created flip book ideas to amuse people of all ages using simple household materials