Try Playing with Sound


There’s never been so many resources online for people who appreciate sound, or playing with what we hear. Click on the images for ideas and playlists to take your somewhere beyond your living room.

Slow Soundscapes inspired by the seasons


At TOAST, we aspire to a slower, more thoughtful way of life. Following this philosophy, we have created Slow Sound – a series of soundscapes designed to calm, reset and enliven the mind.


Drake Music Tutorials

Drake Music have developed this comprehensive guide to making music on iPad



Gorgeous Immersive Sound and Visuals from artist and musician Tommy Perman

Watch and listen to the full audio visual experience of Emergent Slow Arcs – Tommy Perman’s imaginative reworking of Modern Studies “Welcome Strangers” LP.



Sound ideas on ArtlinkTV with Steve Hollingsworth

Two milk bottles and a sock…. surely that can’t be enough to make sonic headphones?

Relaxing Soundscapes from Upmo Connect


Patrick from Upmo has created themes soundscapes for everyone to relax to