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If you enjoy making and would like to try out something new, using simple materials around the house, have a look at some of these ideas. We have loads of ideas on the ArtlinkTV channel too…..


Twinkl Home Learning Hub – New ideas, every day!


Welcome to the Twinkl Home Learning Hub. Parent or teacher, at home or still in school, our free Home Learning Hub has you covered during school closures. Each day you’ll find a new set of free, daily activities to get involved with.

Shrink a crisp packet. From big to small – shrink it!


Have you ever eaten a packet of crisps and wondered what to do with the wrapper? Try this!

How to Make Origami Animals and More!


If you like origami, crafts, comics, anime and creative toys this channel is for you! You can find paper anywhere… easy to cut, paste and fold…

Puppet Animation Scotland – Puppetry at Home


Step by step instructions on how you can craft your own puppets and crankie theatres using materials you can find in and around the house, or you can simply order online.

Simple stuff to try at home


Artlink artists have developed lots of downloads for ideas for working with people of all ages with learning disability

Making kits

Fife based project donating materials to young people in need of materials to reach their creative potential

Draw what you feel

Artist Emma Bowen invites you to draw what you feel from household objects inside a bag

Cereal Box Guitar

A website to give you loads of ideas for household musical instruments

Science Experiment every day 10am

Glasgow Science Centre every day at 10am Including ‘Elephant’s toothpaste’ experiment and ‘Make your own lava lamp’. 


Wool Lazer Maze


Play Radical Max Alexander shows you how to create a wool maze in your own hallway


Cardboard Loom


Crafters will enjoy


Ideas for Household materials for sensory objects


Heaps of ideas for using household materials for sensory based objects


Doodling with Upmo Connect

Upmo connect have devised a range of ideas for tackling boredom including this relaxing doodle activity

Origami Crane from Upmo Connect


Upmo Connect bring you a simple origami challenge

Fantastic for families

Massive list of family friendly events and livestream activity