Prerecorded and Live Stream Concerts


We’ve curated some live music broadcasts to connect you to musicians and bands who we reckon would love to be live on stage right now. Click on the images for a wealth of live acts.



Watch every country’s entry for 2020 and catch up on the new Eurovision Home Concerts, inviting you to the living rooms of Eurovision stars.

Dougie MacLean


Scottish folk singer and Caledonia hitmaker performs a live 30-minute concert from his home every second day.

#COVIDCeilidh and Scots Music


Hashtag to follow with hundreds of Scottish Trad musicians playing music from their homes.

U discover Live Concerts

Discover Live Streaming from artists from all over the world

Quello Live Music

Free full length concerts from From Coldplay, Madonna, Maroon 5, The Beatles, Alabama Shakes, Nirvana, The Lumineers and more

Live Country Music Streaming

Livestream country concerts while you’re self-quarantining. The Boot will keep this list updated with new performances as they’re announced.

Concerts and performances every Thursday 2pm

Thursday Live is a series of live and recorded performances