Play with your food

Have fun in the kitchen, because food has endless potential. Click the images below for exciting recipes to try.

Eat like an astronaut!

Here’s the recipe for a dish astronauts will enjoy on the space station

T-Rex Watermelon

A step by step guide to make this terrifyingly tasty dinosaur party snack

5 Fiendishly Fun Food Monsters

Here are five of the most delectable food monsters we’ve ever seen, plus a tutorial on how to create one of them.

Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes

Make your own Roald Dahl-inspired treats, with a selection from Completely Revolting Recipes.

Edible Paint Recipe

This homemade edible paint is velvety smooth and made with only four ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard

The Avengers Party Food

An Avengers cake, Captain America fruit platter, Hulk-amole and more!

101 Easy recipes from around the world

Take a trip around the world with easy recipes to try from Australia to Syria

Disney foodies rejoice… Disney Eats has arrived!

Disney Eats gives you access to a world of culinary adventure.

Battersea Birthday Cakes!

Love your cat or dog? Battersea Dog home has some recipes for your cat and dog’s birthday cake and ideas for home made toys for your pet.

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