Local Support with a Social Connection

Stay safe and stay connected with your local community, because there’s always someone who wants to help. Click the images to find out more.

Social at home gatherings to keep you ‘going out’
when you are staying in!

Gig Buddies Virtual Insanity has loads of organised karaoke, bake off and quiz sessions to put a stop to boredom during lockdown

Quiz, movie nights and more with get2gether

Get2gether have organised a stay at home social group on Facebook for everyone missing the friendships made throughout the year

Connecting Midlothian Disco on Youtube

The much loved Connecting Midlothian Disco has made it onto Youtube! more videos to come and maybe even a live event!

Faceboook support Group from Midlothian Local Area Coordination

Keep in touch with the LAC staff and friends by joining this support group on Facebook

Facebook group social support through Garvald

Garvald have a variety of supports for users of their supports in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Autism Ideas in Midlothian


Midlothian’s Autism Page has absolutely loads of supportive articles, online courses and supports, regularly updated. There’s a facebook page too.

Cherry Road staff keeping in touch

We’ve created a playlist of videos of staff from Cherry Road for those of us who are missing familiar faces. You can play this through Youtube on a smart TV

Midlothian Kindness Website


A website to request and find help across all the townships in Midlothian

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